Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Dome = The Worst!

Well people, here we are.  It is currently 4:00pm on Friday July 22 and it is 103 degrees outside in the shade.  That's about 40 Celsius for you non-Americans.  Let me just say, this is crazy!!  Summer temps should not reach over 85F in my opinion.  Too hot otherwise.  Well, I don't have a lot of time to write this so let's make it quick!

I leave for three weeks in about half an hour.  Today until 7/30 will be spent in CT.  From there we (7th Regiment) will be departing for our summer tour.  It should, hopefully,be good times.  I'll let you know how it goes in three weeks!

In the meantime, the real news I have is that of the birth of my niece!  Yay.  Her name is Jennifer Marie and she was born on Tuesday (7/19), exactly one day after her brother.  She is a total cutie.  I'll leave you with a few pictures...

Friday, July 8, 2011

7th, Sun, and Sand- The Proper Way To Start A Summer

Hello there, Everybody!!

I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging lately!  Although it's only been a little over a week, it feels like it's been much longer.  As some of you know and others do not know, I returned home from NZ quite safely last week.  I was home for a total of two days before I was gone again, this time with my lovely family at The 7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps.  I re-joined with the corps after 5 months of being away.  Let's just say that I knew about 50 counts (i.e. 20 seconds) of the over nine minute show.  I had a lot of learning to do.

I rejoined 7th on Thursday June 30.  It took me exactly 4 days to have the show learned.  Granted I did not have it as learned as I usually would at this time (for example I don't know my entire dot book like I usually do), but I know the work and I can march the drill.  That's pretty freaking good if I do say so myself.  I even managed to perform in both of the weekend shows- the first in Lynn, MA where we scored 63.900 and the second in Bristol, RI where we scored a 64.500. 

The main thing I want to say about this 5-day experience (we also did 3 parades on July 4th) is that I am so super proud of my corps for all of the hard work they put into the weekend and the entire season so far.  This show is amazing!  I also want to commend myself (I can do that since it's my blog) for learning an entire drum corps show in 4 days.  It wasn't easy, but it was my goal and I am quite proud to have achieved it.  Now my next goal is to have it learned like I would in a regular season.  Hopefully that won't take too long either.

After finally returning home for a decent period of time (3.5 days) I will say that I am happy to be home.  I do wish that home was a little closer to NZ than 9000 miles, say 0 miles, but it'll do for now (laugh mom, it's a joke).  It's still hard to believe that I won't be rejoining all my sweet as new friends in the fall for another primo year at Massey, but alas it is not to be.  I will instead have to concentrate on the important things, and the things that only matter for those crazy enough to consider it (aka drum corps). 

Also in the near future I will have a beautiful niece to concentrate on.  Hopefully she'll be here any day.  I'd like to be home on the day, but at the same time, my sister-in-law is already 2cm dialated and I don't want to prolong the pain.  Speaking of nieces and nephews, here is a lovely little video of my nephew that I took today at the beach.  He appears to be a little upset at how sandy his feet are...