Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sublime Summer

Man I really get boring in the summer, don't I?  Well this summer is a special case as of right now.  I am currently interning four days (M-TH) a week at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, MA (social media rules pending, I'll get back to you on that).   I am also spending the weekends in CT with the 7th Regiment as part of my age-out season with them.  That leaves me evenings and Friday morning to myself.  Not much time to get stuff done, especially when I have a summer class and homework for my internship to be completed!  So I apologize to anyone who has been avidly awaiting my next post... for the past two months.

I really don't have much to say, or any time to say it in.  I'll post some fun zoo stories before the summer is over.  As of right now, I have a weekend rehearsal with 7th, and Monday thru Wednesday at the zoo.  After that it's drum corps full time until August 11.  So you will again not be seeing any posts from me for quite a while.  Hope all of you are having sublime summers!

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