Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Times with Carol Burnett

Every now and then I go on a bender where I will sit or whatever for maybe 3-4 hours and just watch or listen to whatever I want.  I often do this with Whose Line is it Anyway? videos on YouTube.  This time, however, it was The Carol Burnett Show.

Some of you out there may not realize this as of yet, but I love the classics.  Love 'em.  I have a pretty extensive collection (I think) of 50s and 60s music that I absolutely love, the movies are great, and really who can't love the old sketch comedy shows?  And yes, I realize this show was on into the late 70s and really isn't that old, but I don't care.

My most recent bender started because I was cleaning out my inbox in my e-mail.  My oldest saved e-mail is a link to a Burnett Show video.  It was all downhill from there. 'Which video?' you may be asking.  It was (drum roll please) The Dentist.

A hilarious sketch with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.  And there is plenty more where that came from!  YouTube is a fine source of these videos, and it's also where I spent a good three hours watching sketches, including the bloopers.  My neighbors were probably wondering what I was watching because the laughter didn't stop.

If you've never watched The Carol Burnett Show, then I highly recommend it.  And really the only way you'll get to do it is to spend about $160 and buy some DVDs or you can go on YouTube and watch individual sketches.  Some of my favorites are below, in no particular order.  I also recommend you follow the link and watch the three 'Bust Ups, Bloopers and Blunders' videos.  I did a link because I just couldn't get the videos to show up on here.  These aren't full skits, but they are extremely funny and I don't think you need much experience with the show to get a kick out of them.

And who can forget the outrageous skit Went with the Wind, based on the movie Gone With the Wind?  The dress that she wears at the end of the skit, with the curtains, is actually on display in the Smithsonian American History museum in D.C.  I went there on a class trip a couple years back and kind of flipped out when I saw it. The people I was with were super confused and I was a little disappointed that they didn't know anything I was talking about.  To each his own, I guess.

The Dress (not the best quality picture)
The Sketch (Part 1)
The Sketch (Part 2)

I was also lucky enough to catch Carol's recent appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (another post for another time).  And I say lucky because my roommate and I don't always stay awake late enough to watch the show, but that night we just so happened to and who do you know is a guest?  Why one of my favorite ladies in the world!  I think I was overly excited. 

So after all of that I hope you go off into YouTube land and discover even more of the magic that was/is The Carol Burnett Show.  We really just don't have shows like that anymore, no matter how hard SNL might try. 


  1. Classic, funny stuff. My fave part was when they were all struggling not to laugh, esp. Harvey and Tim, but they were all busting up. That made the sketches so much funnier!

  2. Ah yes, Carol Burnett . . . truly funny! I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award. It will be posted on my site in the morning. You're great!