Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Blabber, You Read

Well people we're down to 6 days.  Six days until I'm home again.  There are definitely some mixed emotions going on here.  1- "Yay! I can see my family and friends!"  2- "NO!  I won't see my New Zealand friends for a long time I'm sure... and my American friends!  Why do we all live so far apart?!"  That fact is actually quite amusing.  I have a group of friends here, many of whom you have already seen, from the States (and Canada).  The funny thing about it it that none of us live anywhere near each other.  I will post you a map...

Kristen- Texas                                                               Travis- Texas
Tony- Louisiana                                                              Tifah- Ohio
Nora- Maryland                                                               Kaleb- South Dakota
Stephanie- Alberta, Canada/ New Zealand                     Myself- Pennsylvania

See what I mean?  A large circle around the Eastern side of the country.  The only odd one out is Steph, all the way over in western Canada.  These people have become some of my closest new friends in the past couple of years and now we're all going our separate ways.  We won't be 10 minutes across campus from each other, or upstairs or neighbors or across the hall or a couple flats down.  Nope, we'll be hours away.  It's going to be strange.  One thing is for sure though, I will not let these friendships fade.  Well, I'll try not to anyways.

Moving on from the sad, however...  Upon reaching home I will once again be able to see my adoring family, yay!  In addition to my blood family I will also get to see my drum corps family upon my return exactly one day after arriving home.  My parents are not that excited about that but really, it's been five months.  I think they can deal with another week before total re-immersion in the glory that is me (cough cough).

As it is I am leaving tomorrow (Sunday) to visit Nic's family's bach on the South Island until Wednesday.  That's a beach house by the way.  It's not exactly beach weather but whatever.  You only live once right?  Might as well make it awesome!

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