Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Poltergeist is Afoot...

Alright everyone, I’m back.  Back from the South Island and two weeks of fun and carefree travel.  So what I’m going to do to chronicle my journey is the same thing I did for Fiji.  I kept a journal, this time actually writing every day, and I’m just going to write here what I did there.  So let’s get this started…
4/18/11     Palmy -> Welly -> Picton -> Nelson
Our mid-semester break began yesterday with a journey to Wellington.  For some (Kristen, Tony, and Travis) the trip began at nine in the morning.  They caught the bus to town at 9:10, then a bus to Bulls at 10:50, where they waited until about 4:00 to catch the Kiwi Experience bus to Wellington.  For others (Kaleb and myself), the trip began at 3:00 when we hopped into the car of a lovely Kiwi bloke by the name of Nic.  You may be asking, “Why didn’t you all drive?”  The answer is convoluted.  I will leave it by saying that the car ride was a favor we thought of asking for after booking the bus.  Plus, the car was not big enough for everyone plus two weeks of gear.
After rejoining and purchasing ferry tickets, we headed over to Cuba Street to grab some grub.  Cuba Street is this awesome, basically pedestrian, street with a boat load of restaurants, cafés, shops, and bars.  We decided on Indian, against my better judgment.  I only say that because I had curry the night before and it gave me heartburn for most of the night.  I should have listened to myself because again, heartburn all night and into this morning.  The food was absolutely delicious though, so I only slightly regret it.
After trekking up multiple hills to reach our friend Neil’s place (he was kind enough to house five of us for the night) we set about to playing Bananagrams (our new favorite group game).  After almost total domination by Kaleb we gave up and set about sleeping. 
Today began early, 6am to specify.  We were out of the flat by 6:30.  The boys hoofed it through the rain while Nic was again awesome and drove Kristen and myself and all the gear to the YHA hostel.  There we caught the bus to the ferry, upon which we were joined by Nora and Tifah.  The ferry crossing took about three hours.  Of those three hours I slept for about two.  The ride began quite rough, but once we reached the South Island the sea was super calm.
Another two to three hours found us and the Kiwi Experience bus in Nelson.  We’re currently staying in the Fern Lodge, which is connected to the Prince Albert bar.  Great place.
Earlier we walked up a nicely steep path to reach the Center of New Zealand.  The view was absolutely beautiful.  I can’t wait to see more of this part of the country.
As 6pm rolled around, the Kiwi Exp.  Passengers crowded into the bar to participate in a beer tasting.  For FREE!  We tried five different drinks.  My favorite?  The hard apple cider.  Not beer, no, but delicious none the less.  Dinner was also ridiculously delicious.
It’s currently 9:03 and six out of seven of us are in bed, possibly sleeping, and watching Anchorman.  We’re an exciting bunch of twenty- something’s, aren’t we?

P.S.  Tony almost died tonight when Kaleb’s top bunk decided to up and fall off.  That was one scary wake up, let me just say.

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