Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Work and All Play Make Caitlin a Very Tired Girl

So I'm completely avoiding doing work right now.  Typical college student.  Anyways, I figured I'd take this time and fill you all in on more of my semester.  My mom actually asked me the other day about my tree, Ferdinand.  She said I mentioned how handy he was and then didn't elaborate.  Well if this question has been bothering you as much as it was her then now if your chance!  Read on, my friend.

I left off last time with the 7th Banquet. So, looking back at my calendar the next thing I did was help out with Trick or Treat Street on Friday the 28.  Trick or Treat Street is an event put on by the campus, Halloween Haunting committee to be exact, where clubs can volunteer their time and put up a display and hand out candy to kids.  In addition to this Halloween Haunting also puts on a haunted house and a haunted hay ride, among other little things.  This year the haunted house was cancelled due to fire code violations, and the haunted hayride never actually took place because of the snow...  Yes, snow.  For any of you living under a rock, not in the Northeast, or not in the U.S., we had quite the snowstorm on October 29.  This was extremely unusual, extremely fun, and extremely bad for Halloween Haunting.  It closed everything down for the weekend, knocking out the power in a large portion of the northeast.  Luckily we kept our power.  Anyways, Halloween Haunting was cancelled both Saturday and Sunday.  After all, it would be cruel to have kids standing out in a foot of snow for three hours in the middle of a field so they could attempt to scare passersby.

This is also where Ferdinand came into play again.  He was lucky enough to be used in the A.S.S. table which was Lion King themed.  I knew having a tree would be an awesome idea.  Anyways, here are some pics from that night...

 Our table with Ferdinand on the left
 Yes, we had a batman with us as well...
Rawr!  I'm a lion.

So yeah, that was Trick or Treat Street.  On that Sunday the Halloween festivities continued in my room at least as I put together my submission for the yearly pumpkin decorating contest in Lasker Hall.  Lasker is the administrative building where I work.  It took me forever, let me just say.  It was an awesome idea but the outcome wasn't as cool as I wanted.  If you want the link to the site where I got the idea just leave me a comment.  
I sadly did not win, though a few people suspected bad voting...  Oh well.  That was the end of that weekend.  My next adventure occurred on November 12.  I signed up to participate with the Philly Orchard Project with the club OxFam America.  For this trip we took the train into Philly and walked from the station to the given address.  We were to help a church transform the lot they owned across the street into a beautiful orchard/ community garden.  It certainly needed some work.  We stayed and worked for about 3-4 hours I think.  It's pretty amazing what people can get done when they all work together.  We had an article written about it.  You can check that out, along with the pictures, here- Philly Orchard Project

Continuing on with my never-ending drive to do activities on the weekend, I volunteered to... volunteer at The Wildlife Society's Dance-a-Thon on November 18.  The Dance-a-Thon was put on in order to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund.  It started at 7pm on Friday and ran until 7am on Saturday.  As a volunteer I was there from 5pm to 7:30am.  Man was I exhausted, but I did it!  It was lots of fun.  The night started off with a live band, the Master Blasters (Facebook site), and continued throughout the night with a DJ, Mr. Justin Gibbs.  There was lot of food and a LOT of raffles.  As a volunteer I was allowed to enter the raffles and I ended up winning two, a $25 Target gift card, and a free trade soccer ball.  The total money raised for the WWF was $913.10.  That is pretty awesome, wouldn't you say?

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