Monday, March 25, 2013

Hairy Woodpeckers

3/12/13      El Zota -> Tapanti

I woke up early today because I was having an awful time trying to sleep.  No more than 20-30 minute intervals at a time.  So I was up and ready for the 6:30 AM walk with Dr. George, Kevin, Joey, and Burt. 

We went down the main road in a direction we haven't before.  I saw a Variegated Squirrel, not usually a thrilling sight, but in the rainforest it is.  We also saw some fun birds- Little Blue Herons, Blue Ground Doves, a Roadside Hawk, and a Squirrel Cuckoo.

After breakfast we departed El Zota on the army truck.  We made the transfer to the blue van and continued on our way.  Over an hour of the trip was unpaved roads.  We all cheered when we finally hit paved roads again.  We ate at La Casa de Dona Lela again for lunch.  Delicious.  We then began our 1.5 hour drive to the Kiri Lodge right outside Tapanti National Forest (a cloud forest).  The drive was pretty fun through the city.  There was a lot of interesting sights to see and jokes to crack.  We stopped at a market in Orosi and bought some fun food items.  I bought some chocolate wafer things and I already wish I bought more.  They're quite delicious.

We reached Tapanti after a most frightening bridge crossing.  We took a walk later on and I'm happy I didn't see it full out before we crossed it.  There's also a trout farm right next to the Kiri Lodge where we're staying.  We even had some fresh for dinner.  The whole fish.  Learning to de-bone a fish was interesting.  But it was delicious.

Our saga continued when we returned to our rooms.  There are only 4 rooms here and there's 12 students so there's 3 per room.  Thing is there only 2 beds per room.  Joy and I are rooming with Gianni.  After dinner we discovered a lovely horsefly in our room.  Gianni decided to attack it so it didn't attack us in our sleep.  The ceilings here are pretty high though so he resorted to throwing the complementary bar of soap at it.  And so the battle began.

George the fly put up a really good fight, continuing to live after multiple direct hits.  Gianni took a few hits as well, falling through his bed twice.  After all of the respectable battling, George committed suicide by flying into the light multiple times.  And so we honor George on this day, may he live in piece.

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