Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Freak Flags Fly High

February 8, 2011
Our fourth day in Fiji, and our last.  The day began as any other but developed into a night I will never forget.  The day began as the previous two, with wake-up occurring via drum.  After breakfast we went our separate ways.  I hooked in the help of Travis and together we took out a kayak to a portion of the island that was visible from the resort, but unreachable from the beach.

Once we reached the area, we wandered for a while.  I picked up a nice collection of seashells, though the best ones were occupied by hermit crabs.  And trust me, there were a LOT of hermit crabs.  It was almost disappointing.  Anyways, from there we headed straight out to the ocean. Yeah danger!  We decided to attempt to take a look at the rest of the island.

After seeing that there was nowhere else for us to explore safely we headed back to the island.  It was a little rough there for a while, but we found our rhythm and made it into shore safely.  As we pulled up to shore, we were called to lunch.  After lunch it became picture time.  We took pictures of everything and everyone.  Though we had only been on the island for three days, it felt like much longer.  Granted, we weren’t saying goodbye to each other, but we were saying goodbye to paradise and those who reside there on a daily basis. 
The International Spoons Club

Every good picture time has to end, however.  After ours ended we dutifully trooped out to the boats and crammed ourselves in.  The boats headed out to the ocean to wait for the ferry to appear.  I think there was a slight miscommunication when we went to board the boats because we sat around on the water for a good ten minutes before the ferry appeared.  But appear it did, in all its bright yellow glory.  As the ferry sped away from the island we said sayonara to our temporary heaven on earth and hello to a growing rainstorm on the horizon.  We rode toward that rainstorm with no fear!

However, once the rain began to feel like ice digging into our flesh due to the speed of the ferry I admit to taking shelter on the middle deck.  Once the worst of the rain had passed I rejoined the crazies on the top deck, where I was greeted by a Scottish Space Pirate Ninja. 
The following video is him explaining how the world was really created.  You may want to turn up the volume.
From the ferry we were bused to the Sofitel Hotel.  As we were on our own for dinner, and some of us were craving hamburgers, we walked back to the dock for dinner at Hard Rock Café.  I know, I know, Fijian cuisine at its best.  The hotel was literally a 3 minute drive from the docks, but we managed to get lost walking back to them.  We eventually found what we were looking for… beef.  Every single one of us ordered some version of a hamburger.  Tasty, tasty hamburger.
I don’t know what happened at Hard Rock, but everybody’s freak flags were flying that night.  Insults were flying left and right, we revealed that even the most reserved appearing of us was nothing of the sort, and we discovered that Kaleb really was a garbage disposal.  After finishing his own meal he finished off the leftovers of at least two other plates, as well as the sundae we split.  The boy can eat. 
After annoying our waitress with obnoxious laughter for enough time we headed back to the hotel to annoy the men folk’s neighbors with the same.  It was pure silliness and thus pure joy.  I went to bed that night with a smile on my face.

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