Monday, February 14, 2011

The Luxury of Simplicity

February 6, 2011

Our second day here in gorgeous Fiji.  Still as awesome as it was yesterday.  This island is absolutely amazing.  Sun all day, beautiful clear water, and beaches to die for.  The people here are ridiculously friendly, which is an awesome alternative to elsewhere.  The plane ride was long, the customs lines were long, but once we got through that it was paradise on earth. 

We stored our luggage, hopped on a bus, and headed to the port.  At said port we caught a large yellow catamaran ferry which took us and others to multiple islands.
(not our island)
It took around two hours to reach our island, just enough time to completely fry my recently unprotected feet.  When we reached our destination...

(our island)
we were greeted by two boats, onto which we climbed.

As we approached the beach, we were serenaded by some of the local Fijians, while others lei-ed us.

From there?  Freedom.  Almost everyone headed straight to the water after claiming a bed and changing into a bathing suit.  I claimed bed D20 in the super dorm.  Fourteen boys and twelve girls bunked in the same room.

The island has no internet, no cell service, and the only way out is by boat.  The electricity goes out at midnight, and doesn't come back on until six am.  We're called to meals by a drum, and Afternoon Tea is indeed a meal.  Between meals we're free to do anything.  Snorkeling along the coral, kayaking, volleyball, napping in a hammock, walking the beach, hiking up the island, whatever.

Day One found me and a couple friends trekking to one end of the island (as far as we could go anyways).  Day Two found me and about four others trekking out the other way.  We climbed an outcrop of volcanic rock and just sat looking at our surroundings.  It didn't take long, however, for that beautiful black rock to start absorbing the sun.  So, in respect to our feet, and our need for more sunscreen, we climbed down and made our way back to the huts. 

Today's lesson?
Sunburns reign supreme here, and aloe is a man's best friend.

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  1. How awesome. The water is so blue and clear!