Saturday, February 19, 2011

Insert Quirky Name for Card Games Here

While on Fiji, and since then as a matter of fact, I have played more card games than I have in years-  Scat, Spoons, Spit, Asshole, Solitaire, Bullshit, Egyptian Ratscrew (Ratslap? However you pronounce/ spell it), F the Dealer, Uno, etc.  While on Fiji we didn’t have a demanding schedule, so hey, let’s play a card game.  I taught everyone how to play Scat, which, except for Solitaire, was the most laid back game out of everything else.  Asshole wasn’t bad until it got to Auckland, Spoons was vicious, as was Egyptian Ratscrew.  We actually met the ‘inventor’ of Spoons in Fiji.  His name was Ron and he was pretty awesome.  He won basically every game he played in.  Card games, especially drinking ones (and yes, I am legal here), are decidedly fun when you have nothing better to do. 
Now, if you have never played some of these games, especially spoons, you are seriously missing out.  So find someone who knows how to play, rope in some other friends and get a game going.  Don’t be afraid to get vicious, that’s where the fun is. 

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