Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miro Madness

So here at Palmy I am housing in the wonderful hostel (dorm) named Miro Hall. It's basically centrall located on campus, unlike all my other American friends who managed to be housed on opposite ends of campus.  To get to the guys you have to climb the 168 stairs of the newly dubbed Mt. Doom.  To get to the girls, you have to cross under the motorway via the 'rape tunnel' (it's just really sketchy).  As I was saying, Miro is awesome.  There are two floors, about 50 single rooms, and one crazy common room.  Out of everywhere that I've housed over the past two years this hall is definitely the best.  The vast majority of Miro's occupants are awesome.  The following is a small list of activities we've been involved in...

We beat rival hostel Tawa at a balloon popping game.

Played volleyball.

Played cricket.

Created Miro Ball, a harsh combination of kickball, cricket, and other things.

Participated in the Relay for Life.

Found Narnia.

Visited the Manawatu River.

Prepped for battle on Crazy Sports Day.

Went down a giant water slide at Crazy Sports Day.

Raced chariots at Crazy Sports Day.
Received a lovely tan at Crazy Sports Day...

And we played 'social league' volleyball.

So far it's been good times.  Mostly.  I could stand for those stupid tan lines to go away though...

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