Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Alright.  Here we go.  My first real blog in a long time.  And by ‘real’ I mean a blog in which I do something other than describe my day.  And the topic of the day is…Short Shorts!!  YAY!
Some of you may be thinking “Yeah, alright.  Short shorts are pretty common in summer.”  To which I would respond, “Yes, yes they are.”  However, the main subject area of this short shorts discussion is men.  Yes, men.  Men in short shorts.  Now you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “…oh.  Hahahahahahaha.”  However, before you go and start judging all the short shorts wearing Kiwi boys, just hear me out. 
If you see boys in short shorts in the States, it’s either in a picture from the 70s, or they’re involved in a sport (cough cough drum corps).  If it’s the former you just giggle but give them some slack because, let’s face it, it was the 70s.  If it’s the latter, again you just giggle and again give them slack because they’re usually pretty built.  Generally any other viewing of boys in short shorts is just weird.  But here, oh no.  Here it’s common place to see short shorts.  In class, in the dining hall, at the supermarket, whatever.  And after some deliberation with my female companions we have determined the reason that it’s not strange (and actually quite attractive) here: no tan lines.  These guys do not have pasty legs.  If boys do wear short shorts, it is so much more attractive when their legs don’t blind you if struck by a ray of sun. 
But every good thing must come to an end.  In this case, I was unfortunate enough to discover the limits of short shorts, while eating dinner, I might add.  There we were, having ourselves a nice, processed, school provided meal when BAM!  What do I see?  Man ass. Yep, right there in the dining hall.  This particular pair of short shorts managed to cover everything important but as soon as their occupant bent over, for whatever reason, we were treated to a fully fledged view of some unknown guy’s lower man ass.  It was at this point that all of us at the table became a little weary of short shorts.  So here’s my advice:  admire them all you want, just be aware that you might see a little bit more than you were planning for…

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