Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 7- Like Opening A Can of Tuna

Some of you may think that I don't ever leave my room.  And that would be an incorrect statement.  I don't, however, like being out in the cold all that much so the pictures of outside locations will be limited as we head into winter.  So instead I'm spending a lot of my time in my room with my roommate, Kayla.  Today we watched S.W.A.T. for no good reason.  The results:

"Oh no, he's a loose cannon cop who doesn't play by the rules"

"The best music since Training Day" 

"Speak up, I'm about to turn the subtitles back on"

Kayla- "I'm already lost, maybe I should put the subtitles back on"
Me- "But there hasn't been any dialogue"
Kayla- "I want them to explain the movie to me"

Kayla- "His last name is Gamble, that didn't clue you into anything?"
Me- "Like gambling on people's lives?"
Kayla- "Oooooh"

"I like how we were introduced to the first female character by zooming in on her tramp stamp and then following up to her head.  What cinematic quality"

"I like the smooth jazz.  Is this going to turn into a porno?"

"The deaths in this movie are very unexciting"

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