Friday, April 12, 2013

L is for Lyrebird

The lyrebird (Menura novaehollandiae), or Superb lyrebird, is a species endemic to Australia.  There are actually two species of lyrebird, the other is the Albert's lyrebird.  The Superb lyrebird is more famous for it's displays and vocal abilities.  Not much is known about the Superb lyrebird beyond their famed vocals. 

Lyrebirds are insectivores, eating small insects, worms, spiders, and occasionally seeds.  Males and females look extremely similar, aside from the male's tail feathers.  He develops the tail feathers around two years old.  It consists of 16 feathers with two extremely long feathers on the edges.  He displays his feathers while courting females.

In addition to his feathers he also uses his unbelievable voice to impress the ladies.  And no, the following video is not a joke.


  1. Well, that takes the prize! I'm a bird-watcher and an Attenborough-watcher, so I appreciated this thoroughly.
    Thanks for the great entertainment.
    Mary at Mary A to Z