Sunday, December 12, 2010


So, how many of you have done a really ridiculous workout, or maybe a really long day of yard work?  How many of you had trouble walking around the next day?  Welcome to my day.  Don't think I'm complaining, well ok, I guess I am, but I knew it was coming.  I just got back from my first camp of drum corps for the 2011 season.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  Besides the ridiculous muscle pain, I'm doing just fine.  No flags to the head, didn't jam any fingers or anything like that.  Just worked my butt off.  I'm so absolutely excited for this season.  I'm not sure where the staff is going to take the show, but from the tidbits I'm hearing, it's going to be amazing.  Painful, most probably, but absolutely amazing. 

The two main reasons, I believe, I'm in so much pain are, 1) Pliés, and 2) Our sick nasty opening dance.  The pliés account for my legs, and the dance accounts for the neck and back.

Now, you should all realize by now that the muscles in your back are extremely important.  Hurt one of them (or overwork it, say by whipping your upper body back and forth with your head locked into place) and you're basically screwed.  Well, let me just say I can hear the muscles from where my neck connects to my head all the way down to my lower back.  And you know what they're saying?  "Why would you do this to us?!"  Well muscles, here's my answer.  I do it out of love.  I do it out of love to my corps and love of the activity itself, and of course, out of love of the people.  This activity has changed my life, so of course I'm going to put my all into everything I do there.  Even when that means I won't be walking or turning my head comfortably for a few days. 

To continue the story of my day, on the trip back to school, we took some of the sketchiest back roads in the state of Pennsylvania.  On a dark, rainy, foggy night.  Horror movie much?  Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  Luckily we made it back to civilization safely.  Once in civilization however...  The first thing I did after arriving back at school, waddling over to my building and getting inside was put my bag down to get out my keys.  I unlocked the door, opened it, and pulled it right into my face.  Result?  An awesome lump in the middle of my forehead.  Way to go self, way to go.


  1. About your Kenney DNA, yeah, umm, sorry for all the clumsiness, but it's part of the package. :)

  2. haha the bottom of my neck hurts from the dance
    i didn't even know that COULD hurt from dancing XD
    there are muscles i've never even felt that are now like "AHHHH WHYYYYY" XD
    I didn't walk into a door though, I just waddled like a duck all day. My friends laughed at me.
    Everything STILL hurts too. It's better than before, but now it kinda feels like I pulled every muscle in my body. However, my abs toned from ONE weekend. I'm pumped for season now :D

  3. i really want to see the opening dance! ahhh cant wait for january camp!