Sunday, December 5, 2010

Untold Stories of the ER and Bus Rides

Ok, so, many of you may not realize, but I have very vivid dreams almost every night.  Now, usually this isn't a bad thing.  The only time it gets annoying is when these dreams are emotional.  I typically wake up from emotional dreams more tired than when I went to sleep.  Take last night for example.  Half of my dream was spent running around (which in and of itself is weird since I usually can't run in dreams) away from the police (I can't remember exactly why).  And the second half was spent riding around on the tour bus with 7th and then comforting the colorguard member who was hit by said bus and had her legs cut off.  I mean, come on.  Where in the world did that come from?

Another example, About a month ago I had two completely different dreams, about a week apart, where I was in the car with my dad and both times we crashed.  I woke up from those dreams absolutely distraught.  I really had no idea where those dreams came from.  Still don't as a matter of fact.  According to my dream book it means that I feel that the person who crashed the car is somehow making decisions for me, or something.  Usually that book is pretty good, but this?  I don't think so.  They were completely random, and very exhausting for me throughout the day.

My dreams usually don't have anything to do with anyone but myself, but they still make me worry.  Now, looking back on my dream last night, I realized the severed leg portion was probably cause by my watching three episodes of "Untold Stories of the ER" before I went to bed, actually falling asleep to them.  But the police portion?  And the PSU portion?  No clue.

Now, my questions to you.  Do you have strange dreams?  If so, how often?  Do you keep them to yourself, or tell everyone?  (I generally have a policy to tell someone if they were in my dream, even if they didn't do anything.)  Are your dreams influenced by things that happen before you go to bed?


  1. I have similar dreams of needing to move but my legs don't work. Wonder what that means?

  2. im pretty sure my dreams are some-what influenced from things that happened throughout the day, even if it was an everyday thing