Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Break is Upon Us

And so the semester ends.  August 30 through December 17.  It feels great to be done, let me just say.  The past couple of weeks have been uber stressful, assignments up the wazoo, tests everywhere, blah blah blah.  Add to that the activities that every good student takes part in, like the A.S.S. bake sale fundraiser and the SGB Semi-Formal (story here- A Night at Sea) and a Holiday Concert!  And then came exams.  I, luckily and happily, only had two real exams this year, Gen. Chem. II and Ecology.  I had two papers for English II and Speech, and no finals in Band or Dance.  So, hurray!  I'm not sure when I'll be getting my grades, but I can't imagine it will take too long.  Int he meantime I have the holidays to concentrate on!

I leave for home tomorrow, taking a bus, a train, a plane, and a car to get there.  But wait!  I'm not actually going home!  Oh no, I convinced my parents that they should bring me straight from the airport to the 7th Regiment audition camp.  The camp actually started tonight (Friday) at 6pm but I couldn't get there as the Ecology exam is tomorrow.  Anyways, I felt it was right to try my hardest to get to the camp tomorrow.  And apparently I caught my parents on a good day because they agreed to take me as long as I found a ride home, which I did.  So BAM!  See you tomorrow night Regiment! 

After that lovely weekend I start my internship at Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary in Norton, MA on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday up until I leave to come back here, DelVal, on January 17.  That's one full month at home for those of you keeping count.

That should keep me properly occupied.  I also have some Christmas presents that I need to work on before the big day, so that gives me next week.  That should be enough time.  I'm making some pretty sweet things.  I'll be sure to take some pics and post them after Christmas.  Maybe you guys might want to try!  We'll see how mine come out first...

So yeah.  I don't have an excessive amount of other stuff to talk about at the moment.  I'm just so excited the semester is finally over and I get to go spend some quality time at home.  So, more posts to follow soon!

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