Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C if for...

Chickadee and Grandma Kenney.

Ever since I was a little girl my Grandma has called me her chickadee.  I'm not completely sure where the name originated in terms of calling me that, but I've always liked it.  It is, to this day, the only nickname I have.  However (a big however here) my Grandma is the only person who can call me this.  So friends be forewarned, if you ever call me this I will not respond.

In tribute to this childhood nickname, here is a chickadee. 

Adorable.  So this chickadee is a Black-capped Chickadee.  It is native to the majority of northern states and much of Canada, in any habitat that contains trees or woody shrubs.  Due to their natural curiosity and their unique body stature, chickadees are often the first bird that people learn.

Some cool chickadee facts?  The chickadee will hide seeds and other food items to eat later, similar to a squirrel.  The chickadee will place each item in a different spot and can remember thousands of hiding places.  How is this possible you ask?  "Every autumn Black-capped Chickadees allow brain neurons containing old information to die, replacing them with new neurons so they can adapt to changes in their social flocks and environment even with their tiny brains" (All About Birds).  Now that is cool. 

I am also contributing a picture of my grandma to this post...

That there is my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day.  Due to the fact that she hates having her picture taken, this is one of the few pictures that I have of her.  And, honestly, that is just fine with me because they are both beautiful and clearly in love.  I hope to find that for myself someday.  Though I do wish I had more images of her, at least I have these.

Note:  I will not post this entire challenge about animals.  They are just the most common thing in my life, the most common thing that I share with other people.  So get used to it!