Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for...


Tapioca is actually so much more than just a pudding.  However, I'm not here to talk about the food.  I'm here to talk about the comedy.  For any of you 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' fans, you may recall quite a memorable sketch performed by Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles.

Well, okay, you probably recall quite a few memorable sketches with those two.  They were on the British version of the show as well as the following American version.  As much as I have to give the British their due for beginning the series, I really do prefer the American version, simply because of the difference in humor.  I like me some British humor, but when it comes to improvisation?  American all the way, baby. 

So in this particular sketch, Greatest Hits, Colin and Ryan are infomercial hosts trying to sell the Greatest Hits: Songs of College.  Things get a little out of hand when Colin doesn't quite follow Ryan...

I LOVE this show.  Love it.  All of it.  From the opening sequence to the ending credits.  I especially love the interaction between Colin and Ryan.  They're usually so on par with each other.  And when they're not it's even funnier, as shown above and below.  I don't really even like the Greatest Hits skits for the songs, though I give Wayne and anyone else who sings his due, but for the banter between Colin and Ryan.  My favorite parts are the "We'll be back to..." parts at the beginning of the skit.  Colin must have worked on those before hand because they are just too perfect.  Love them.

So as promised, here is another of my favorite Colin/Ryan banter moments where they just don't quite click.  The entire sketch is funny, but my favorite part occurs right about 2:38, right after the first song. Enjoy.



  1. I so love tapioca! I made some the other day! Yum! And I totally love Whose Line! What a great show - both versions!

  2. Great post as I love both tapioca & Whose Line too :)

  3. I used to watch the British version of this show, which I preferred over the American one, only b/c I grew weary of the emphasis on Wayne Brady. Colin Mochrie is one of my fave Canadian comedians. As for tapioca, I remember in elementary school, the kids all called it "fish eye pudding". lol

  4. I just found this post from ~last year's~ A-Z challenge in a round-about way. How did I miss it?

    I love Who's Line! I wish it was still on! My favorite episode ever had to be the one with Richard Simmons. I swear I laughed til I cried!

    The tapioca skit is hilarious!