Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for...


See what I did there?  Well, this is probably going to be my shortest post in this challenge because I just don't have any time to write it!!  So here it goes, don't you just hate queues?

In an era when the newest and the biggest are clearly the best and everyone has to have that new thing RIGHT NOW, queues are becoming more and more common.  And they just suck.  No way around it, they just do, especially when you're not there for the newest release, but for a really common reason, like looking for some headphones at a tech store or something.  Happens to me all the time.  So have fun with that...


  1. Yeah I really hate queues. Esp. in Stop & Shop. And Walmart. And today trying to get from Sandwich over the Bourne Bridge at about 4:30.

  2. The only queue I tolerate is the one on Netflix!! :)

  3. I am often amazed by how long the velvet ropes will sometimes indicate a queue can be! Stopping by from a-z

  4. Sometimes I think that people stand in lines simply because they see them and they worry that they'll miss something good! ;)