Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for...

Jeremy Kyle!!!

Or, more accurately, the Jeremy Kyle Show.  The Jeremy Kyle show is a daytime television show, similar to Jerry Springer or Maury, but filmed in Great Britain, and waaaay better than anything in America.  The thing that I loved about watching Jeremy Kyle while I was in NZ, other than the entire hostel showing up to watch it on a daily basis, is the sheer awesomeness of Jeremy himself.  He is not afraid to yell at his 'guests' and tell them what's up.

He has a wide variety of guests, too, which makes it way better than Maury who's always looking for someone's baby daddy, or Jerry Springer, where almost the entire show is bleeped out.  Take some of the following for example:

My daughter was killed for being a Goth.
How could my boyfriend destroy his own face?
 Is my mum trying to murder me?

See?  Wide variety.  There are also, as expected, a fair amount of DNA testing and lie detecting.  These are usually where Jeremy gets crazy.  Especially if there's some extreme unbelievable-ness going on at the same time.  Like say a guy fathered 3 kids in a week or something.  Oh man, you'd better get ready for some serious Jezza smackdown. 

He is, in fact, so predictable as to what he will most likely say to people, that there is even a drinking game made up of his most common phrases!  Things like the following:

1) Jezza says 'Grow a pair' - drink and grab crotch
2) Jezza says ‘Excuse me this is The Jeremy Kyle show’ – drink and say ‘hear hear’
3) Jezza says ‘Put something on the end of it' – locate a condom and wave it around whilst drinking
4) Jezza says ‘Get a job’ slash there is any mention of the unemployed status of his guest – 2 fingers


I LOVE this show.  It's the best of trashy daytime TV, but it also has some serious notes.  So awesome.  I guess it's now on TV in America, but I don't know what station on what time or anything like that.  If I did, you better believe I'd be watching it.

For more Jeremy Kyle, check out some videos on YouTube!

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